Tuesday, January 03, 2017

The Foodie Hits the Mowing (Finally)

Vegetable patchOur long long winter is finally coming to an end and it’s about time this foodie got out into the garden and address this savanna called our garden. The first step will be mowing the long grass with our trusty ride on mower. This mower has been in the family for over 10 years now and has barely had a fault. Only once three years ago did we have to replace a drive belt that wore down to its last thread.

We normally keep the mower in the shed under a dust sheet which protects it in the winter seasons from the moisture and dust. I would highly recommend doing this for your mower. We also put a special fuel care product in the tank to ensure the fuel down split while it’s off duty over this rest time.

Once the cover is off, I normally check all parts and bolts to ensure everything is still tight and in order. Super important to ensure that rust hasn’t got the best of the mower of this period. All checked and now we are ready to fire the old gal up and you guessed it, she purrs like a cat ready to attack the grass.

We have a 4 and a half acre property, so it takes me around 1.5-2 hours to cover the whole thing. We have a zero turn radius type of mower which allows for a more accurate and efficient mow for the tight corners. This is especially handy around the vegetable patch and fruit plants which are laid out in tricky shapes in the garden. The cutting deck is often set to low as I love having the grass in a complementary fashion to the vegetable garden. This season’s vegetables include capsicum, broccoli, cucumber, lettuce and zucchini. The lawn comes right up to the edge of the vegetable garden, so I have to certain not to cross over onto the vegetable area and damage them.

We are lucky that our property is reasonably flat. This means the mower can access nearly all parts of the garden. Our friend and neighbor next door has the laborious task of having to use a push mower to access the steep hill parts of their yard. They had told us about their issues of the ride on mower sliding down the hill when mowing. I wouldn’t want to be in the mower when this occurs. Now that the lawn has been mowed, I’m sure to clean underneath the mowing deck and check the oil. These are both essential tasks for the longevity of the mower. I hope this article has proven to be of help to all you foodies growing your own vegetable garden around a wonderful green lawn.


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