Saturday, January 07, 2017

Learn To Cook Simple Dishes To Impress Your Family Members

Now a day all are busy with their life most of the family spend quality time only during Sundays. The man is resting on his best recliner and everyone tries to make that day more special and to refresh their dear one mind set. As we all know cooking is only thing that can open all the souls, who can say no for the good homemade food. Though we get number of tasty snacks and food outside still homemade food is more special and healthy. Especially watching movies or some program in television with your family adds more fun while watching it if you make a perfect snacks or meal nothing can beat that combination.

Go for the healthy and tasty one

If you have kids in home then you must make new dishes to make them happy. All mothers like to give the healthy based food to their kids. Apple muffin is the perfect choice it just takes 20 minutes to make it. For this all you need is apple, flour, cinnamon, sugar, 2 eggs, chopped almonds and ½ dates. Just like the ingredients even preparation is simple. Take a bowl and add the flour, cinnamon powder, sugar and egg whisk it properly so that no lumps will form. Once it is mixed well add the chopped almonds and dates, stir it once again. Take an oven tray and cups pour the mixture on it and bake it for 15 minutes, make sure about the heat it should be less than 180 degree. Muffins are not just tasty but also healthy, your kids never say no for this dish. The aroma of it makes others to feel hungry and tempting.


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