Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Foodie’s Greatest Hits

As I work to get my blogging mojo back, I’m taking a look at the posts that have the greatest number of hits in the hope of answering a simple question: What are readers looking for, when they come to The Family Foodie? You might be surprised, as I was, to discover than some of my simplest recipes are the most popular. I guess that might be because many people don’t cook at all these days, which means that even the most basic things–those we make most often–are a learning opportunity.

Hands down, the most popular recipe on this blog (with nearly 500 re-pins on Pinterest) is gluten-free Buttermilk Bread.


It’s a bread machine recipe, which makes it pretty easy, and that might be part of its appeal. But I’m confident that a big part of the draw for this recipe is the fact that gluten-free bread is both very expensive and often, sadly, almost inedible. The thing I like most about this bread is that it’s soft and moist, not gritty and crumbly like so many gluten-free baked goods.  However, that means it doesn’t keep well; one or two days is the absolute maximum, even if it’s wrapped. But if you’re trying to follow a gluten-free diet (or know someone who is), this is a terrific staple item to add to your baking repertoire.

In second place–and this was a huge surprise to me–is Super Simple Butterscotch Sauce.


I can only assume that the words “super simple” are a big part of what tempts people to click through to this post. (Or perhaps butterscotch has a cult following that I’m just unaware of.)  It really is super simple–just five ingredients and about 10 minutes–and once you’re done, you can take credit for making something most people glob from a jar. The homemade version of this sauce tastes so much better than the store-bought variety that it’s almost ridiculous to call them by the same name. Best of all, you can customize the ratio of sweet to salty that gives butterscotch its distinctive flavor.

Rounding out the top three: Gluten-Free Blondies.


I’ll confess that I prefer Maple Cinnamon Blondies myself, but this was one of the first recipes I tried to adapt in gluten-free form when I stopped eating wheat a few years ago. That means it will always have a special place in my heart. On top of that, The Boy loves chocolate chip cookies, and baking a pan of blondies is much easier that shepherding batch after batch of cookies into and out of the oven.  He also loves the maple cinnamon version of this recipe, but I think chocolate chips will always be the key to his heart.

If you’re looking for a particular recipe, or inspiration for using a particular ingredient, leave me a note in the comments section and I’ll work on coming up with something just for you.  In the meantime, look forward to more gluten-free recipes–and, as the year rolls on and The Boy graduates from high school, meal ideas for couples who find themselves having quiet dinners on their own.

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