Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Return of The Foodie


You may have noticed that I’ve been gone for awhile.

Partly, this was because the demands of my regular life had increased to the point that even One More Thing was too much to think about.  Much as I love being in the kitchen and writing about my Foodie adventures, writing this blog is not what pays the bills.  (Not at this point, anyway, but a Foodie can dream.)  And partly, this was because being the Foodie is like anything else: when you’re not able to do it on a regular basis, you stop thinking about it at all.  Even for someone like me–a person who loves to think about and plan for meals and, eventually, make some food–it’s pretty easy to default to the lazy habits that our sad food culture encourages and supports so well.

But enough of that.  It’s summer, and I’m back.

Within the next few days, I’ll be reporting on a recent adventure with making refrigerator pickles.  (Surprisingly easy and unbelievably good.)  For today, I’ll just report that I’ve been busy making preparations for the upcoming months.  The Meyer lemons on my trees are fattening up with the promise of their floral, lemony goodness . . .



and the herbs in my garden are growing green and tall . . .








and my love of food continues to be so strong that I’ll even grow vegetables I can’t eat, like these ornamental peppers.  (Supposedly, they’re too hot and bitter to be used in cooking.  I might try one anyway.  We’ll see how brave I am.)




In short, never fear.  The Foodie is still here.


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