Saturday, February 2, 2013

More Goodness From Chobani

Oh, Foodie faithful.  I realize it’s been almost a month since my last post, and I do apologize for my absence.  A lot has been happening:

  1. I started a new semester, chock-full of new responsibilities.
  2. The Girl started gearing up for her last semester of high school and the start of her college career.
  3. After taking the PSAT, The Boy started receiving college mailings as well.  Combined with Item #2, this sent me into a bit of a tailspin.  And then,
  4. My mom came to stay with us and enjoy two weeks of winter sunshine while
  5. I celebrated a birthday.  (Never mind which one.)

So, you know.  When I acknowledge that it’s been a month between posts, please understand that what I mean is it’s been A Month.

But!  This week I received a new shipment of samples from the good people at Chobani.  They’re expanding their offerings just a tad, which means the Foodie family had the good fortune to sample their new Chobani Bites:  snack-size cups  of yogurt (just 3.5 ounces) in four delicious flavors.


I received samples of raspberry and coffee yogurt, both with dark chocolate chips; I found the caramel yogurt with pineapple chunks at my local grocery store.  (You might be thinking “Caramel and pineapple?”  But consider that the topping of your favorite pineapple upside-down cake is just pineapple with caramelized sugar.)  Chobani Bites also come in a fourth flavor, fig with orange zest, but I haven’t yet been able to track that one down.

These are blended yogurts, unlike the 6-ounce Chobani cups, which have fruit on the bottom.  Of the three we’ve tried so far, The Hubs likes the raspberry-chocolate chip best, and it was a hit with The Girl as well.  I love the caramel-pineapple combination–no surprise, since the pineapple Chobani is also my favorite flavor.  Both The Hubs and I like the coffee yogurt, too, although he wanted the coffee flavor to be a little stronger.  I was actually pleased that it wasn’t too strong–I’ve had bad luck with overly acidic coffee-flavored yogurt in the past.   I can definitely see us buying all three of these yogurts at some point in the future; a pack of four cups cost just under $3.00 at my grocery store, and they’re the perfect size for a snack.  Plus, as The Hubs said, “It’s nice to have more exotic flavors for a snack.  I wouldn’t want chocolate chips in my breakfast, but I’d like them in the afternoon.”

We also received samples of the Chobani Champions yogurt that’s now being sold in tubes, a la the Yoplait GoGurts that were a big hit with the Foodie children when they were younger.


When she saw the tubes in our refrigerator, The Girl asked “Why are they sending us those?  We aren’t little kids.”  Then she grabbed a tube of the strawberry Chobani and slurped it down.  (In fact, the tube of strawberry yogurt you see above is the only one we have left in the refrigerator.)  The Girl has never been a fan of blueberries, so it goes without saying that she prefers the strawberry tubes.  The Boy, however–who is, as we’ve established, a man of very particular taste–says he likes the strawberry and blueberry flavors equally.

I haven’t purchased yogurt tubes like these for the Foodie children in a long time, but what I like about the Champions is that they’re Greek yogurt–higher in protein than most traditional yogurt brands, which is important for growing kids (even teenagers).  Portable, healthy snacks like this are a big plus for The Girl, who’s always running hither and yon–to her internship, to school, or to work.  I’m going to try freezing them into yogurt pops, as an alternative to ice cream.

And thus I remain a gigantic Chobani fan: they continue to make a great product in interesting flavors.  I’m not-so-patiently waiting to see if my grocery store starts carrying the two new 6-ounce varieties, pear and banana.


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