Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Sweet Surprise: Obleas Con Cajeta

There’s nothing I love more than a foodie surprise.  Today, The Hubs came home from work with a gift from our friend Yvette:  a package of Obleas Con Cajeta.

I’ve seen jars of cajeta at my local grocery store, but I wasn’t sure exactly what it was or, more importantly, what I might do with it once I got it home.  But I’d never before set eyes on obleas when The Hubs handed me a package of five.  I opened the package and pulled out the wrapped disc pictured above.  If you look closely at the top of the photo, you can see the waffle pattern of the obleas through the plastic–they’re basically very thin, very crisp wafer cookies that sandwich the cajeta.

And cajeta, it turns out, is similar to dulce de leche–but instead of being made from sweetened condensed milk, it’s made from sweetened goat’s milk.  (Before you say “Ewwwww, goat’s milk!”, please remember what I tell The Boy–take three bites before you form an opinion.)  Cajeta is sticky, sweet, and caramelicious.  When I took my first bite, I was mostly conscious of the fact that it’s just slightly tangy; I assume that’s because of the goat’s milk.  After that initial moment of surprise,  though, I was hooked.  I didn’t really want to share bites of my treat with the Foodie children.  But, of course, I did.

The Boy–who, as we’ve already establish, has a highly selective palate–took a sniff, then a bite, then said “Wow, that’s actually pretty good.”  The Girl was hesitant to give it a try but, once she did, she said “The more I eat this, the more I like it.  Maybe I’ll take a whole one to school with me tomorrow.”  I had to clarify that, um, Yvette sent these home for me.  Which means the rest are mine.

I found this recipe for cajeta at Homesick Texan–it has very few ingredients, but it’s time intensive, requiring about an hour and a half of stirring the caramel to keep it from burning on the bottom of the saucepan.  Perhaps I’ll be feeling really patient someday, but more likely than not I’ll stick to store-bought cajeta.

I can’t say that’s a tragedy.  If it’s all as good as this, it’s hard to imagine how homemade could be any better.

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