Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Quiet Moment

My mom headed home today.  I’m grateful for many things about this visit:  that she arrived safely and without incident (this was the first time she’d traveled on her own in almost 20 years, and the first time she’d been on an airplane–or even in an airport–for at least the last 5 of them); that the Texas weather cooperated, for the most part, by providing us with sunshine and warm temperatures, a welcome break from the cold weather that’s waiting for her at home; best of all, that I was able to celebrate my birthday with her for the first time since just after The Girl was born.

While she was here, my mom had the chance to sample a pummelo, try some gluten-free cake, and enjoy milanesa.  That in itself is probably more food adventure than she’s had in the past year.  I’ll be sharing our family’s favorite frosting recipe in the next few days–the same frosting that graced every birthday cake I enjoyed as a child, and the central feature of what my sister and I still call The Birthday Cake–as well as my new favorite recipe for milanesa with a gluten-free bread crumb crust.  I’m also at work on developing a new recipe for the lovely people at Bob’s Red Mill.  I’ll be sharing that with you–and hosting my very first giveaway–later this spring.

In short, life is finally getting back to normal after a long holiday season and an extended birthday celebration.  I’m looking forward to more experimenting, more blogging, more adventures in produce–but I’m really enjoying this quiet moment before it all begins.


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