Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Reasons to Love World Market

I'm fairly certain that mornings in Heaven smell like a pot of this coffee brewing. Seriously, if there's a more luscious smell in the world, I don't know what it is.  Coconut, vanilla, coffee--what's not to love?

Rainbow farfale!  We tossed it up with a little white sauce, so as not to hide the festive stripes.  When The Boy saw his plate, he asked "Did you drop some Lucky Charms into the pasta water or something?"

Plus, if you're part of the World Market Explorers program, you'll earn a free bag of coffee for every six you buy from the store--and on Wednesdays, you'll earn double coffee points.  (In other words, you'll get credit for two bags when you buy one.)  You'll also earn a $10 store credit for every $100 you spend on food items. The store credit is applicable to anything in the store, not just food items.  Since I don't do a lot of my grocery shopping at World Market, it's taken me about a year to accumulate that $100--but now I have a $10 credit to spend on more festive pasta! 

(Full disclosure:  no one at World Market knows me or has paid me to say nice things about their stores.  I just felt compelled to share the love as I contemplate what to buy with my $10 reward coupon.)


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