Sunday, September 12, 2010

Taking a moment for gratitude

Reading a blog update at Ivory Hut this morning, I managed to let go of the lingering self-pity that’s been plaguing me this weekend.  I’ve had an extra boy in the house since Saturday morning, which means some extra noise and mess and some difficulty finding a quiet spot in my house to get work done.  But so what?  I have a house in which to do my work, and that’s more than Ivory Hut can say today.  Her home was destroyed by a fire about two weeks ago, along with a lifetime worth of documents, memories and other important stuff.

Imagine, if you will, losing everything you own an hour from now.  Everything.  Your driver’s license, passport, your children’s birth certificates and baby pictures, years’ worth of work stored on computer hard drives.  Your clothes.  All the stuff in your kitchen, including your favorite gadgets and your wedding dishes and those cute plates you only pull out at Christmas.  Oh, and those Christmas ornaments your children made in kindergarten and Sunday school.  That’s pretty much the way it happened for Ivory Hut, and even trying to think about that experience is mind-boggling.  Reading about her struggle to do something as basic as get a driver’s license re-issued (not a simple task, when you have no form of ID) brought me to tears.

So when I’m grading papers later this afternoon, I will take a moment to be grateful that the chair I’m sitting in–given to The Hubs and me by his grandmother, many years ago–still exists.  When I’m making my daughter’s Welcome Home dinner this evening, I will not be thinking about the papers I have yet to grade; I will be focused on taking a moment to be grateful that I have a kitchen to work in, and food to cook, and plates to put that food on.  I’ll be grateful that my family is here at home with me, healthy and safe.  And I’ll be grateful to have a job I can go to tomorrow, instead of spending my Monday trying to scrape back together some semblance of my former life.

It’s so easy to forget that a normal day is a gift.  Here’s wishing a big pile of gifts for Ivory Hut very soon.

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    Cyn Huddleston — September 12, 2010 @ 5:18 pm

    I needed this reminder.

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